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 Our Guarantee:  CD Sonic guarantees that our manufactured product will be an exact duplicate of your digital master's source material and our printing will match your approved proof or we will re-manufacture your corrected job or refund your purchase.
General: All Commitments and agreements to sell or deliver are made with the understanding that no liability attaches to CD Sonic for failure to fulfill them due to strikes, flood, accidents, war, inadequate supply of labor or any material, government demands or priorities, transportation delays or other conditions beyond CD Sonic control.

Payment Policy: CD Sonic requires a 50% deposit with your order. Balance due upon completion prior to shipment as Money Order or Certified Check, otherwise 100% pre-paid. No CODs.

Return Checks: A charge of $ 35.00 will be applied to your invoice or balance.

Cancellations: Cancellation of orders in process will incur charges according to the stage of completion at the time of cancellation.

Returns/Errors: We Stand behind our products and will replace them if we are in error. Samples of the product in question must be submitted to us prior to any decision. We will not be responsible for consequential damages as the result of our error. Our liability is specifically limited to the value of the product manufactured. We reserve the right to request the product be returned to us for inspection or correction.

CD Sonic will not be responsible for materials left in our possession for more than 1 year.

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